Refresher Training Feedback

The Heart Manual Department recently held a refresher course for current facilitators and had some excellent feedback from those attending.

Everyone felt the training covered an appropriate amount of material, were happy with how it was presented and felt that there was a good mix of learning methods. Importantly, everyone found the course material useful for their role in facilitating the Heart Manual.

“Great opportunity to network and share experiences.”

“Lots of experienced and evidence facilitated discussions.”

When asked what they enjoyed the most about the training, our facilitators said:

“Working with a small group of people with similar experiences and knowledge of Heart Manual facilitation. Good opportunity for revision, updates and consolidation of skills/knowledge.”

“Face to face. Hearing about others experiences/ways of approaching situations.”

“Updating myself about the Heart Manual and guidelines.”

“Evidenced based discussion and experienced trainers/clinicians.”

If you are interested in attending facilitator training for any of the Heart Manual Department programmes, dates for our 2018 courses can be found here​